Guest List

Updated by Aunty Social on April 3, 2020

Guest List

Guest List is curated each week by our favorite artists both established and on the rise. Each week the guest curator gets to come up with a theme of their choosing. Past curators include Cigarettes After Sex, Cage the Elephant, Bombay Bicycle Club, Twin Peaks and more.

Vendetta Anthems

This one is for the non-confrontational folks who are on their third day of reliving an infuriating conversation in which their brain picked flight instead of fight. The ones who are throffing to jump in the shower where they will spit the fiery responses that were unfairly held from them by intimidation. The ones who fantasize about their redemption before they go to bed, even though the likelihood of there being a second encounter is doubtful. These songs were curated to express that pent up anger and frustration after being cheated out of asserting your moral integrity and clever wit. Call this a meditative purpose in which you build tension only to release it. To pump you up like the winner you are until its final climax, then BOOM, Lenny Kravitz comes in and releases it all. Only then, are you finally free to go to bed, cozy in your fabrication. 

Judging by my very thorough and overdramatic playlist bio, it's become obvious to me that this activity has been the most fun thing I've done in the last few weeks of self-isolation. Overall, I'm going stir crazy, but I would much rather be bored than spread the virus and risk lives, so ya, I'm doing pretty okay, thanks for asking! — Aunty Social