Guest List

Updated by The Paper Kites on September 11, 2018

Guest List

"These are just a collection of songs that I love, some of them are new loves and some are deeply rooted — it's a bit of a mixed bag but all of these songs to me feel kind of lonely, romantic but heartbreaking — which seems to be what a lot of people say about our music. For me it's always about feeling something when you listen to music — whether it's soul, jazz, blues, folk it's very personal, almost like a secret ± and you often have to listen to it alone to hear what a song is really saying to you. So this is a collection of songs that really get to me, whether you're sitting at home or in a hotel, and just don't feel like hitting the streets, this one's for the night in." — Sam Bentley (Frontman of The Paper Kites)

The new The Paper Kites album is out on September 21! Check out their latest single here: “Give Me Your Fire, Give Me Your Rain.”

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