20 Fave Grizzly Bear Songs

Updated by Jonah Minnihan on February 25, 2021

20 Fave Grizzly Bear Songs

Seventeen years into existence, Grizzly Bear has become a household name in the indie rock scene. Who doesn’t love “Two Weeks?” The rich tones of frontman Ed Droste’s voice paired with the “Whoa-oh-oh’s” make for arguably one of the most recognizable and loved songs of the 2000s. Relying on warm harmonies and thoughtful instrumentals and catchy melodies, the Brooklyn, New York band quickly found mainstream success. 

As they hook listeners with approachable tunes like “Ready, Able” and “Yet Again,” they keep them around with sleeper hits such as “Sleeping Ute” and “Speak In Rounds.” This is the great trick that Grizzly Bear has played on listeners. As if by sleight of hand, they have slipped their obscure influences and unconventional songwriting between the indie hits that brought them into the spotlight. Early lo-fi tracks like “Deep Sea Diver” sound more like an Alex G than the band responsible for the crisp, clean “Losing All Sense” off their latest record. They have found a way to embrace the weird and avant-garde while still producing memorable tracks that leave you humming the tune for the rest of the day. 

The signature blend of oddball folk and radio-friendly indie rock finds perfect harmony within the slow-burning “Will Calls (Marfa Demo).” Though it’s just a demo, this warm and intensely raw track feels like what Grizzly Bear is all about. A tender voiced Droste accompanied by plush synths creates a brooding atmosphere that is soon broken up by a pandora’s box of guitars and wailing vocals.

Words by Jonah Minnihan. Special thanks to Malia Eugenio for this awesome playlist cover. 

20. "While You Wait For The Others"

19. "Wasted Acres"

18. "Fine For Now"

17. "A Good Place"

16. "Neighbors"

15. "Ready, Able"

14. "Sorry for the Delay"

13. "Merge"

12. "Systole"

11. "Speak In Rounds"

10. "Sleeping Ute (Nicolas Jaar Remix)"

9. "Colorado"

8. "Smothering Green (Bonus Track)"

7. "Yet Again"

6. "Little Brother"

5. "Losing All Sense"

4. "Two Weeks"

3. "Sleeping Ute"

2. "Deep Sea Diver"

1. "Will Calls (Marfa Demo)"