20 Fave Emo Songs

Updated by Hannah Angst and Eric Weiner on December 19, 2020

20 Fave Emo Songs

We all remember the emo days. These were the days when we wore skinny jeans and neon bracelets up to our shoulders, teased our hair and blackened our eyes with the darkest possible eyeliner. We were angsty, too-cool-for-school and always upset. These were the days of Warped Tour and Taking Back Sunday, and for me personally, these were the moments that I realized the true impact music could have on someone's life. Alright, I'm a little nostalgic for my emo phase, but I know you are too, which is why we made this playlist. Enjoy our 20 favorite emo songs here. Artwork for this playlist was created by Megan Bell.

23. Motion City Soundtrack - "The Future Freaks Me Out"

22. Thursday - "Understanding in a Car Crash"

21. The Promise Ring - "Everywhere In Denver"

20. The Honorary Title - "Stuck at Sea"

19. My Chemical Romance - "Helena (So Long & Goodnight)"

18. The Starting Line - "The Best Of Me" 

17. Fall Out Boy - "Sugar, We're Goin Down" 

16. Jimmy Eat World - "Pain" 

15. Coheed and Cambria - "Blood Red Summer"

14. Brand New - "Jesus Christ" 

13. Brand New - "The Quiet Things No One Ever Knows" 

12. The All-American Rejects - "Swing, Swing" 

11. Panic! At The Disco! - "Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off" 

10. Hellogoodbye - "Call N Return (Say That You're into Me)" 

9. The Used - "Poetic Tragedy" 

8. Taking Back Sunday - "Cute Without The 'E' (Cut From The Team)" 

7. Alkaline Trio - "Radio" 

6. Sunny Day Real Estate - "In Circles" 

5. Dashboard Confessional - "Screaming Infidelities" 

4. The Format - "If Work Permits" 

3. The Format - "The First Single (You Know Me)" 

2. Something Corporate - "Hurricane" 

1. Something Corporate - "Konstantine"