20 Fave Devendra Banhart Songs

Updated by Ben Anshutz on December 20, 2020

20 Fave Devendra Banhart Songs

Devendra Banhart can be many things. At times fractured and strange, other times simple and honest, Banhart is considered to be at the forefront of the freak-folk movement in New Weird America. First gaining notice from demo tapes he made in his bathroom (for the natural reverb effect), Banhart has grown into a persona with worldwide popularity. He’s one of my favorite artists, so this was a very difficult list to make. Artwork for this playlist was created by Rozalina Burkova.

20. "Will Is My Friend"

19. "Bad Girl"

18. "Baby"

17. "Horseheadedfleshwizard"

16. "Carmensita"

15. "My Ships"

14. "Quedate Luna"

13. "This Is The Way"

12. "Long Haired Child"

11. "Sister"

10. "A Ribbon"

9. "Now That I Know"

8. "Seahorse"

7. "Shabop Shalom"

6. "Little Yellow Spider"

5. "Samba Vexillographica"

4. "16th & Valencia Roxy Music"

3. "Lazy Butterfly"

2. "Lover"

1. "At The Hop"