20 Fave Beck Songs

Updated by Ben Anshutz on December 20, 2020

20 Fave Beck Songs

“I’ve always dreamed of being a musician-poet who transcends genres even as he reinvents them,” — quote Bender of Futurama-fame. And who was our robotic friend talking about? Why, none other than the whimsical hero of weirdos everywhere, Beck. A pioneer of trash pop, grunge pop or whatever you want to call the genre he invented by recording Odelay, Beck is in a league all his own. Also, if Matt Groening chooses to have you cameo on one of his shows, you know you’ve done something special. Here are our 20 favorite tracks from one of the most idiosyncratic artists of the last 20 years.

20. "E-Pro"

19. "Soul Of A Man"

18. "Cellphone's Dead"

17. "Girl"

16. "Nobody's Fault But My Own"

15. "Orphans"

14. "Cold Brains"

13. "Clap Hands - Non-LP Version"

12. "The New Pollution"

11. "Already Dead"

10. "Lazy Flies"

9. "Sunday Sun"

8. "Guess I'm Doing Fine"

7. "Hotwax"

6. "Devils Haircut"

5. "Sexx Laws"

4. "Tropicalia"

3. "Loser"

2. "Where It's At"

1. "Lost Cause"