Future Generations

Released on February 25, 2019

Future Generations

Brooklyn electro indie-pop band and Welcome Campers alumni Future Generations felt right at home when they joined us at Banyan Studios in Williamsburg to record two tracks from their latest album Landscape. These songs are fast paced and energizing, really capturing their sound well. Rocking strings and electronic undertones with steady percussion and unremitting vocals produces all come together for songs that'll get stuck in your head for days. 

We have director Jonah Lorsung and the rest of the production crew to thank for capturing genuine moments with the band in the studio as we gifted them a uKeg from GrowlerWerks. These metal growlers keep your beer or any other beverage fresh for weeks and made for the perfect gift for a group of rock and rollers who appreciate a good drink. We have them to thank for helping us produce this Buzzsession as well as our On Tap playlist which we released in late 2018. Learn more about GrowlerWerks and order one of your own here.

Director & Editor

Camera Operators
Matt Marino
Kayli Weiss
Jonah Lorsung


Eddie Gore

Ben Burke