Iska Dhaaf

Released on April 8, 2014

Iska Dhaaf

On a recent trip to New York from their hometown of Seattle, Nathan Quiroga and Benjamin Verdoes, known under the moniker Iska Dhaaf, met us at Los Feliz in the Lower East Side of Manhattan for a Buzzsession. The band then proceeded to record versions of their tracks "Same Indifference" and "Happiness" that melted our hearts.

Same Indifference


Director & Producer
Jono Bernstein

Assistant Director
Jessica Louise Dye

Camera Operators
Austin Pulliam
Sam Suter
Peter Courien
Jono Bernstein

Engineer & Mixer
Harper James

Executive Producer
Eric Weiner

Production Designer
Katya Stepanov

Assistant Production Designer
Liz Oates