Tones and I

Released on September 20, 2022

Tones and I

Shot in the glow of Pacific Coast golden hour, the live performance video for “Charlie” by Australian pop singer/songwriter, Tones and I, dazzles with neon lights, candy color and captivating stage presence from frontwoman, Toni Watson. Her voice reaches great heights with rich depths which are complimented perfectly by the Los Angeles backdrop of this showcase. Shot beautifully on a downtown LA rooftop, the video holds the band at centerstage to tell the electric tale of "Charlie," the muse of the disco-paced track. Watson reflects on a character seemingly distant from her own who is living in a rallied frenzy. The physical perspective of the video creates a curious, though cautious approach to her summary. Still, there is a bit of admiration for the partier that would engage any dance floor.

Director Nick Sokoloff shared that above all, the experience of creating this project was a blast. Watson and friends made the set feel like a party, and this energy feels immediate to the viewer. 


Nick Sokoloff

Executive Producer
Eric Weiner

Austin Gomez

Music Director
Joel Farland

Creative Director
Mitchell Woodcock

Audio mixer
Jonas Jalhay

1st Unit DP
Morgan Oliver Allen

2nd Unit DP
Cody Sato

Drone operator
Cody Sato

Lawrence Le

Emma Forthofer

Morgan Oliver Allen