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"Have you met ALBERT?" asks the Facebook URL of the Malmö, Sweden indie-rock outfit, and we're happy to respond in the affirmative. ALBERT's gentle harmonies are buoyed [READ ON]
With the kind of vibe that brings back images of long haired rebels shredding in garages, The Stone Foxes newest track is some pretty prefect power pop throwback. They have the [READ ON]
Just over a year after the release of his debut EP, Thousand Piece Puzzle, Melbourne's LANKS is back with a stunning new effort Banquet. Meshing the deep storytelling roots of [READ ON]
There's a reason Flor's feel-good synth-pop has been racking up the buzz these past few months -- it's very truly really very good. The LA-via-Oregon four-piece has been [READ ON]
Newcomer Hilang Child is an enticing enigma. Almost no information is known about Hilang Child’s Ed Riman beyond his residence in London, as the related Facebook and Twitter [READ ON]
"Sadly Yes", the debut release from Monk Parker (formerly of The Low Low's) completely blew me away from the moment it began -- it's somber, utterly beautiful musings spinning [READ ON]
I had the chance to hang out with brother-sister duo Angus and Julia Stone at Governor’s Ball. These two have such a quiet confidence about them. They make music and talking [READ ON]
Straying from his ambient electro sound, solo musician Teen Daze has returned with "Morning World", a calming, drifting affair doused in a beautifully melancholic haze. In other [READ ON]