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There are two types of people in this world: Those whose are either repelled by the band names Jawbreaker Reunion and PWR BTTM or those that are utterly drawn to them. I am definitely one of [READ ON]
Nashville-based Coin brought charisma and catchy tunes to the Knitting Factory. With songs that can’t help but make you smile, this self-proclaimed “product of the 90s” group had as much fun [READ ON]
Quite possibly the biggest perk of immersing yourself in the ever changing framework of new music is the abundance of discoveries to be found. Granted, some leave as quickly as they arrive [READ ON]
“Runaway”, the third single by Aurora, settles any dispute whether the fresh-faced, 18-year-old Norwegian is here to stay. Her lyrics of loneliness are bathed in slithering synth and emphatic [READ ON]
Nottingham boys, Dearest, are starting out 2015 on a somber yet high note, releasing their debut album The Pastures earlier this month. While The Pastures is Dearest’s first album, it’s actually [READ ON]
Moving away from their softer, more folk-infused tunes, Florida transplants SWIMM tackle the trappings of devotion with their newest track “Beverly Hells”. The famous site within their [READ ON]
I first became aware of Seoul in September 2013. At the time, they had a very elusive internet presence, with only one single available to stream. Watching their career unfold over the past [READ ON]
With spacious sounds that sound simultaneously effortless and complicated, Bright Light Social Hour has already proved themselves as a band to be on the lookout [READ ON]
On The Mountain


On The Mountain