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If you're unfamiliar with the homemade craft of Scottish duo, Honeyblood, then there really is no better time to get acquainted with what it is these girls do so well. Formed in 2012, Stina [READ ON]
Since the release of "Sweet Ophelia" and its equally mesmerizing B-side "1965", we have been not-so-patiently waiting for a new track from Los Angeles' powerful pop princess, Zella Day. Her [READ ON]
“Jack White better watch out,” warned SoundCloud user Romello Black in the comment section of Benjamin Booker’s single, “Have You Seen My Son?". The 24-year-old New Orleans native will [READ ON]
Boyd Shropshire's "Valentine" summons us to sit, laze, listen and do nothing else. Its melancholic tones have a soothing way of washing over us and leaving us warmer than when the song began [READ ON]
Longtime favorites of ours, BRONCHO, are back with another track that bursts with simple pop joy. "Class Historian" is just a preview of the band's upcoming release, Just Enough [READ ON]
Thelma Plum is my girl, and now she can be yours too. Brisbane's puppy-lovin' songstress has been enchanting the masses over seas since 2012 with a her signature storytelling style, whispering [READ ON]
Lucius won't stop being cool -- case in point being their new 7" featuring live favorite, "Genevieve", and their cover of Tears For Fears' "Everybody Wants to Rule the World". US copies of Wildewoman [READ ON]
LA trio, Run Things, are a band who know who they are and play like they mean it. In a city and neighborhood (Echo Park) so overrun with artists, Run Things find inspiration in British rock [READ ON]