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The question I keep returning to here is: did Father John Misty always plan to release a saccharine, nostalgia-seeped love song this week, or did he (and his team) [READ ON]
Daniel Wilson's newest track, "Sinner of the Week", harkens back to the days when Michael Jackson and Earth, Wind, and Fire ruled the dance floor. It’s a funky number [READ ON]
Ryley Walker's “The Roundabout” is an acoustic tune which appears blithe and untroubled, but upon further inspection, is actually saturated with reflective contemplation [READ ON]
Jay Som (the project of Northern California's Melina Duterte) has soared to new heights the past few months. Having gotten her start on Bandcamp, Duterte's songs have [READ ON]
With the kind of laid back, stream of consciousness songwriting that immediately brings to mind Kurt Vile and the slight psych-rock vibes of War on Drugs, Seattle's Mr. Night Sky is easy to fall [READ ON]
Joseph’s “White Flag” is a mighty anthem backed by a stomping beat, a powerful message and a video to prove it. The visuals draw on the sisters’ roots (not to mention [READ ON]
Fetish gear in a music video can go one of two ways: it can fail miserably, leaving the music video looking like a poor attempt at revitalizing the 80's goth scene [READ ON]
This sentiment, one that most people in their adult lives can sympathize with having felt at one point or another, is the sentiment that Nashville grunge-pop duo Sad [READ ON]