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As we get older, it gets harder to enjoy summer the same way we did when we were kids. With jobs, it’s just tough to find time to do the things you used to — like go to the beach, [READ ON]
Brooklyn-based electro-pop duo PROM have done an incredible job of keeping our attention since their 2014 EP Keeping Company, despite only a few single releases since [READ ON]
Brooklyn's Aaron Taos not only blends musical styles on his EP, GUITS, but he also gets away with it so smoothly. Taos' hoarse voice takes you from folk rock on "Blow" [READ ON]
AVERS are getting ready to release their new album, Omega/Whatever, on July 29, and if the tracks within are anything like the groovy, acid rock anthem "Insects," then [READ ON]
New York's Halima recently released her self-produced single, "Know Your Worth," which blends R&B vocals and lyrics with ethereal, electronic instrumentals in the [READ ON]
Philly-based haze-pop band Cheerleader have released a video for their song "A Million Ways," off their May 2015 EP The Sunshine of Your Youth. Cheerleader possesses [READ ON]
I'm fully aware that it's cliché to say that any song that might fall into the genres of psych- or surf-rock released during the summer is a "great summer song." That [READ ON]
Two years ago, I wrote about Sloth’s “Smug Rock Song” for the Wild Honey Pie, describing the song as a curious concoction of Wilco and Pavement: “Just another smug [READ ON]