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During the early days of January, as everyone else celebrated another successful trip around the sun and a new start in 2015, there was a group with their minds in an entirely different time and [READ ON]
With their newest album, Inanimate Objects, out last week, we're all about Atlas Genius at the moment. The songs range from the delicate, slow-cooked balance found in [READ ON]
With reaching lyrics and sublime sounds, “A Knife in the Ocean” contends with time, its unrelentingness and inescapable destructiveness. Clocking in at nearly 7 minutes [READ ON]
The SoundCloud blurb below Stolen Jars' new single proclaims it to be "the #1 song on the Billboard Charts in all of your hopes and dreams," and we're inclined to [READ ON]
There wasn’t a dry eye in the audience last Wednesday as James Vincent McMorrow performed the last show of his 2015 tour at the beautiful Thalia Hall. Opening [READ ON]
I first stumbled upon the music of Darwin Deez at a camping festival in England five years ago with my mom and sister. He gave a performance unlike anything we had seen before [READ ON]
If you tend to keep abreast of the latest music industry trends and topics, you may have noticed a ripple in the ever-controversial arena of streaming music last spring when [READ ON]
“Haze” is ready-made for dancing the week off your shoulders. Just press play, and you can’t help but move along to the slinky synth, curling vowels of the Mulimba’s sound [READ ON]