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Sundara Karma’s “Happy Family”, off their latest album Youth is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect, is a glimpse into the meaning behind the album name. At the outset, ‘Happy [READ ON]
The Head and the Heart have been making the kind of music that makes you swoon for what seems like ages. They perfectly meld indie, pop and Americana to create something that is sweet perfection. [READ ON]
Working alongside Nashville singer/songwriter Remmi, Black Coast has returned with his next single, "Feel Something," offering up a message of hope during this tumultuous [READ ON]
The first batch of releases in the new year is always cause for celebration. A good first week sets the tone for the music of the rest of the year, it gives us something to look forward to as we [READ ON]
Sometimes a track comes along that's simply too catchy to deny. Fenech-Soler's newest track continues their trend of releasing banger after absolute banger and we just can't get enough of it. [READ ON]
Public Access TV's new track, "Evil Disco," is an accessible, no-frills nineties ride. It's so straight ahead, in fact, that one might not think too much of the song's [READ ON]
Emily Donohue’s rich voice does some seriously heavy lifting on her newest track “It Doesn’t Matter, I Love You.” The track is sweet and simple through out, a lovely [READ ON]
This week, Shy Girls continued the gradual release of his upcoming album, Salt, with a mournful but fast-moving track called “Say You Will.” Shy Girls (who is, contrary [READ ON]