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With sparse drips of sultry, enigmatic funk and disco, “I Need a Man” from Sam Evian offers the sort of slow, feverish vibe that leaves you in a dreamlike state. As the [READ ON]
It's been over a year since Hazel English won us all over with her impassioned dream-pop with her track "Never Going Home." Now, the Oakland, CA songstress is back with [READ ON]
We're absolutely taken with the pop-gems that Austin based Calliope Musicals keep churning out. The band brings their huge melange of sound to the newest video for the track "1604" and it's [READ ON]
Spend enough time around a group of musicians, and you'll eventually get to the topic of artists that inspire them. Continue the conversation, and you'll get around to [READ ON]
Music is supposed to make you feel something, and ISLAND's “Spotless Mind” does just that. The London-based band brings what's left unsaid to the foreground, and delivers [READ ON]
"When you forget about me, don't be so precious about it," are the kind of penetratingly honest words we've become so familiar with and fond of in Kevin Garrett's music [READ ON]
With the release of their new EP, Legends, just days away, Brother Moses have offered up a new track, "Time to Leave," to keep their fans satiated till August 26. With [READ ON]
If there's such a thing as a quintessentially Melbourne sound, Postblue has it -- that mix of the garage-indie that's been coming out of the city in spades, along with [READ ON]