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Coasts and Knox Hamilton played to a vibrant 7th Street Entry at First Avenue on Friday. Los Angeles band Symmetry got the night started with their upbeat pop rock, followed [READ ON]
As we fully launch into spring, a funny thing happens -- the binge-watching, couch-sitting, lazy-day-lounging habits we developed over winter are replaced with the desire [READ ON]
Brooklyn based Arthur Moon played a sold out show at National Sawdust last week. The six-piece band, consisting of Lora-Faye (vocals), Rachel Brotman (keyboard and banjo) [READ ON]
"Greed", the debut single from Alice MK, won't quite sound like anything else you hear today. Taking cues from Elle King, if she leaned more towards synth-garage-rock [READ ON]
For this episode, members of Wild Child, PHOX, Snowmine and Sun Nectar combined their immense talents for this one-of-a-kind performance. Whether in a gondola or our [READ ON]
I bet that you thought you were going to spend all Friday listening to Lemonade over and over and over again. And while that's still a totally valid and highly recommended [READ ON]
If you’re not careful, "Lost Dreamers" might make you drift off into a new state of consciousness. The song really does feel like a dream, complete with whimsical harmonies [READ ON]
White Denim and Sam Cohen played two consecutive shows at Bowery Ballroom this week, both of them sold-out, packed to the gills performances that met the hype of White Denim's [READ ON]