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Nashville-based Liza Anne Odachowski, better known as Liza Anne strips the covers away from mental illness in "Paranoia," the first single off of her third studio album [READ ON]
Nilufer Yanya’s voice – pure, powerful, yet just a drop raspy – would carry just about any song. On “Baby Luv,” it’s infectious as the tune starts off stripped-down [READ ON]
A glance of the Manhattan skyline can conjure up feelings of immense hope: upon the Hudson, the city lights and skyscrapers sit like sparkling watercolors, [READ ON]
Noah McBeth, better known as NoMBe, has been releasing his album They Might’ve Even Loved Me since January, and we just received one of its most tender and stripped-down cuts [READ ON]
Songwriter Spencer Peterson grew up in a religious home in Utah, an upbringing that continues to cause tension against his current life in modern Los Angeles. In attempt [READ ON]
After a whirlwind year of touring and releasing her debut EP Now That The Light Is Fading, Maggie Rogers is looking towards a new chapter in her life. But before she goes, [READ ON]
Former indie-folk now alt-rock singer-songwriter Noah Gundersen, released his long-awaited third full-length album White Noise last Friday, to fans curious to hear [READ ON]
Benjamin Jones, based out of Los Angeles, sonically breaks our souls with his new single “Separation.” The former touring guitarist of Youth Lagoon just recently [READ ON]