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Brooklyn's Idgy Dean is an impressive one woman band with a knack for particularly addictive riffs. Lindsay Sanwald (aka Idgy Dean) plays all instruments, records and mixes her own music including [READ ON]
Wasting no time at all, Isle of Wight's Champs (brothers Michael and David Champion) are back with new single, "Desire". Just a few months after the release of their highly praised debut album [READ ON]
Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist and producer goste is back with his third EP, Eugene, which features the powerful single "Loaded Like a Pistol". Rather than sampling tracks, goste (aka [READ ON]
The good old expression “time flies when you’re having fun” certainly held true last week during St. Lucia’s sold out night at Terminal 5. Though they maintain a humble demeanor, the band [READ ON]
For many (myself included) the idea of another album from Irish troubadour Damien Rice ever seeing the light of day was itself a faded fantasy. In the nine years following the release of his [READ ON]
Last week we premiered TIME FOR T's "Long Day Home" from their new, self-titled EP, which is out today and which we now have the honor of premiering in its entirety. Having released two EPs [READ ON]
The last time we wrote about Waitress, the title line read "Waitress Serve Up Extra Feel-Good With 'Young In Mind' ", and with the video premiere we bring you today, it seems feel-good is [READ ON]
When we started shooting Buzzsessions in London earlier this year, we were thrilled about the potential of working with some of the amazing bands that don't make to Brooklyn nearly enough. Our UK [READ ON]