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We're happy to announce that since speaking with Overcoats and attending a few of their concerts earlier this year, the folktronic duo made up of Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell [READ ON]
Foxygen played a sold out show at Rough Trade last night, giving fans a sneak preview of their new album Hang set for release next month. Not only did they play the whole [READ ON]
Nick Murphy, formerly Chet Faker, played an amazing set at Webster Hall this week. The show began with the song "Fearless," the first single he released under his new [READ ON]
More than any other festival, the headliner of M for Montreal is the city itself. Everything revolves around the city - from the spread out venues to the actual bus tour that doubles as a [READ ON]
While the majority of our sessions showcase the design of whichever space we're filming in, sometimes we like to get outside of our comfort zone and utilize our set [READ ON]
"Too Sedimental," the new track from perennial favorite Foreign/National, blends nostalgic undertones with upbeat instrumentals, managing to conceal some of the song's [READ ON]
LA-based Carly Van Skaik has a serious knack for capturing cinematic moments with her sensual songwriting. Her newest offering, the anthemic “Red Leaves," is a blushing [READ ON]
New York’s Bell the Band may not have released much music yet, but what they lack in quantity, they more than make up for with the sheer beauty of their songs. “My Little [READ ON]