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Plus/Minus, often stylized as +/-, craft songs with an edgy grit, balanced and guided by the group's keen melodic sensibility. Their layered guitars permeate [READ ON]
NYC's Walking Shapes' latest album, Taka Come On, serves as an exhibit of the four-piece's capability at forming highly kinetic pop songs with a progressive rock edges. To further explore one [READ ON]
The time has come once again to travel north, eat too many lobster rolls and bask in the incredible music coming from Ft. Adams State Park. After tackling some of the larger, wilder festivals [READ ON]
Complete Surrender is the third full-length effort from UK duo Slow Club, and it is quite easily their most finely tuned and accomplished production to date. Although implemented a little and [READ ON]
There are some artists you listen to and then ask, "Wait, she’s how old?" NYC’s Kiah Victoria is exactly the kind of talent that packs a punch well beyond her years. Her latest single, “Tralala” [READ ON]
I come from a landlocked state, so sailing is something infinitely exotic and exciting to me. Even for those who grew up on the water, though, there's a special allure to sailing. It’s freedom [READ ON]
Coolness depends on a pivot, a subverting of meaning -- love masquerading as lust, lust as love, commerce as art -- which results in a winking knowingness. While on an album, Camera Obscura [READ ON]
Big Scary's soaring melodies and their spare, yet powerful, arrangements make them a force to be reckoned with. We can't get enough of these Austrailian rockers and are so thrilled to present [READ ON]