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Dave Hodge (Broken Social Scene) and Leah Siegel teamed up to create catchy electronic soul music with their new project Leisure Cruise. We were lucky enough to track them down to record a couple [READ ON]
Lia Ices’ third full-length, Ices, finds her once again exploring new territory, or rather territories, as she leaves behind the piano balladry and singer-songwriter genres for something more [READ ON]
Knox Hamilton has created a playful video for their single "Work it Out" that mirrors the carefree vibes of the dreamy track. "Work it Out" seems to find the sweet spot between delicate and [READ ON]
Like most of my Montreal peers, I have come to regard Pop Montreal as a pseudo-holiday season. Beyond just five days of music, art, symposiums and film, the festival brings all things alternative [READ ON]
San Fran band City Tribe released their debut full-length just last week, and if you've yet to hear it then you're going to want to do that -- especially after listening to their next single [READ ON]
Self-proclaimed “party pop” homies of New Jersey, Boxed Wine, are notorious for their placement in JCPenney commercials. In their single “Gotta Love”, they continue their sync pop [READ ON]
Wild Honey Pie favorites, PROM, are back with a dynamic new single, "Flickers". Unlike much of the dream pop circulating at the moment, the airy mix on this track focuses heavily on powerful [READ ON]
The world of synthpop just got a little more romantic with a long-awaited new single from HAERTS. Blossoming from obscurity in 2012 with the release of "Wings", HAERTS has perfected a sweeping [READ ON]