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It's only Tuesday, but we've just been given a pick-me-up from the music gods. Two of our favorite bands, Landlady and Rubblebucket, have been touring together lately following the release of [READ ON]
Everything about Great Good Fine Ok's "Say It All" is bittersweet. It's two-story houses and evergreens blurring past your window as you drive through a town where you once lived. It's the [READ ON]
PROM's brand of dream pop is a soundtrack without a movie. As you listen to their debut EP, Keeping Company, new landscapes are constantly constructed in your mind, morphing from day to twilight [READ ON]
Our Orlando friends, SALES, just released their debut EP, and I've been listening to it constantly. Over the course of a year, the duo consistently released a string of singles, each one just [READ ON]
It can get a little overwhelming at CMJ every year, with hundreds and hundreds of artists playing all over the city. There are so many bands that it starts to all blur into a big mess of names [READ ON]
The best part of CMJ isn't the festival itself, but all the free stuff that goes around it. Much like SXSW, the free gigs are what bring in the noise, and often times, the most interesting [READ ON]
You lucky so and so -- you've got your hands on a CMJ badge! Congrats, now you have the pick of the litter of all the of amazing happenings the entire week (as long as you make sure to get [READ ON]
Work Friend began as the solo project of The Hicks Canyon Band's lead singer, Spencer Hannemann, and has turned into a rebirth of the whole band itself. Their first single, "Any Good", echoes [READ ON]