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It's almost impossible not to be swept up by the galloping, americana-tinged rock of Delta Spirit. Their lyrics tell compelling stories of people, places, and the journeys [READ ON]
Stargazy's "Seasons" is about making connections and how the meaningful ones don't fade even when everything else does. To capture some of those real life conne [READ ON]
From lowercase to capital is not just a way to describe the slight alteration in JJ’s name – it’s also a pretty apt description of how the pair have evolved musically. V is the [READ ON]
Maybe it’s the reconstruction of someone else’s creative genius, or to put it cynically, a musical lack of innovation. Though this negative perception may only apply to 2U, the U2 cover band I [READ ON]
Miracles of Modern Science just dropped a clever new video featuring Kristin Slipp of Cuddle Magic (a brilliant pairing if we do say so), and it's (not surprisi [READ ON]
The new video from Avers succeeds in being both absorbing and strangely spine tingling. As microscopic amoebas and organisms float around the screen intermingled with stock footage from summers [READ ON]
You might say Brandon Flowers has already played out the whole Pulp-inspired-alternative-rock theme with The Killers, and while that’s probably true, it hasn't stopped Gerard Way from paying [READ ON]
After a weekend of summer camp fun, it was time for the festivities to come to an end. Once our campers were ready for bed, we surprised them by leading them from their bunks to the upper [READ ON]