Welcome Campers 2017

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Covey’s “Same White Shoes” begins with a nostalgic-tinged sweetness -- comfortable guitar strums echo over the line “I’m sorry I’m such a mess, been thinking a lot about [READ ON]
Welcome Campers is, to put it simply, our favorite weekend of the year. We're talking obsessively crossing out days on a calendar favorite. Buying new "cool" activewear [READ ON]
Every year, folk-lovers from all over the country gather in the beautiful Newport, RI to celebrate the great practitioners of this timeless genre. This year’s lineup [READ ON]
SoCal psych garage pop trio Lunar Hand are just out of high school but boast some killer chops with distinctive 1950s vintage pop flair. The greaser theatrics which [READ ON]
Today Nocturnal Tapes released a track that perfectly captures the feeling of August. “Wake Up” is restless, carefree, and reveling in the type of haze that only comes from sweating through two [READ ON]
Fleet Foxes played a two-night stint at the Prospect Park bandshell last week as part of the BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival. The show was absolutely breathtaking [READ ON]
GEMS continue their Full Moon series (they release a song every—you guessed it—full moon) with the appropriately dreamy “You In My Dream Pt. 1.” The track speaks [READ ON]
It should come as no surprise that Norwegian starlet Sigrid was inspired by some of the strongest hooks in pop history when writing her Don't Kill My Vibe EP, which [READ ON]