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Another budding gem from the very busy Manchester scene, Kult Country has set the tone for a promising debut record with their single, "Trembling Moon". A swirling fuzz of guitars, reverb-heavy [READ ON]
Hamilton, Ontario's Gdansk is an indie rock band with a little extra. Each song off their latest release, EP 1, holds fast to a solid rock melody where a larger atmosphere of ambient production [READ ON]
Staten Island alt rockers Cymbals Eat Guitars waste no time in grabbing your attention on their third full-length album, Lose. A simple but beautifully tender piano riff rolls out from the [READ ON]
We're all for solid, gauzy guitar riffs, which is why we immediately fell in love when we heard Svia's track "Two Homes". With a mixture of shoegaze, electro and some old-fashioned rock swagger [READ ON]
Freedom Fry is a perfectly blended folk pop duo from Los Angeles and we're glad to see they are back with a delightful fourth EP, The Wilder Mile. The titular track is a standout with driving [READ ON]
Virginia folk rock troupe The Last Bison have a new album coming out around this time next month, and its first single has a more anthemic sound than previously heard. Recording the album from [READ ON]
Bevelers write the sort of music that makes you stop and listen -- it's powerfully gentle and passionately chilling. The Portland indie folk duo made of Lee Aulson and Adria Ivanitsky just [READ ON]
Everybody needs some good "ooh's" in their life. Luckily, The Drums’ member Johnny Aries has blessed us with his swoon-worthy solo project. The single, “This Grave is My Bed Tonight”, is a [READ ON]