Jason Mraz

Released on April 3, 2023

Jason Mraz

While the world surrounding us is bubbling over with tumult, the journey towards self-efficacy and turning inward remains an essential message from the voice of the artist. Jason Mraz encourages listeners to throw caution to the wind in the spirit of growth on his new track “You Might Like It.” Mraz aims to breed inspiration with a lyrical emboldening toward expansion within each of us that begins with the action of decision. He plants a seed in the mind of listeners to consider taking the leap, wherever that leap may lead us.

This song is a wonderful portrait of who we are as a creative agency. We believe in taking risks and being imaginative in the way that we operate. In our official lyric video for this track, produced by The Wild Honey Pie, directed and animated by Lauren Haug, the inspirational nature of the sonic world that Mraz has created meets a powerful, vibrant dreamscape inviting an indulgence of reverie. With nods to our namesake, The Beatles, the Yellow-Submarine-esque style of animation induces a sense of whimsy and possibility. Throughout this video, we are not only taken on a journey through lyricism, but we float along through a world that promotes togetherness, clinging to one another, and the opportunity that comes with solidarity. We are excited to experience a world of imagination and chance with you, guided by the motivational invitation into thoughtfulness by Jason Mraz.

You Might Like It

Director & Animator
Lauren Haug

Eric Weiner
Lucy Dunning

Delaney Esper