Your Smith

Released on May 13, 2019

Your Smith

2018 was a big year for Los Angeles synth-pop artist Your Smith. After years of releasing her music under her given name, Caroline Smith, she decided to take the risk and perform under a new moniker. Being able to detach her music away from her personhood made the name Your Smith become an impetus for embracing a more authentic image of herself all around. As a result, the four-track EP Bad Habit showcased an artist who has evolved into her own, bringing us songs both modern and fresh that simultaneously takes us back in time. In this Buzzsession, directed by Stacey Jewell, Your Smith joined us at YouTooCanWoo in Brooklyn to record these spectacular versions her latest two singles, “Bad Habit” and “The Spot.”

Out of our Top 100 Songs of 2018, “Bad Habit” landed within the top 20, making this recording a special treat for us. Although Smith sings of the mistakes she consistently makes in love and life, her light-hearted vocals accompanied by the band’s layered harmonies, fill this song with nothing but good vibes. Similarly, “The Spot” is a tune that’s reminiscent of one of those many 90s female-led bops you loved. You know, the ones you still play with angst on sunny days with the car windows rolled down, as if finding your bliss was an act of rebellion. With style and wit, Your Smith channels nostaglic emotions and experiences into her music, making us all the happier for it. 

In the past Caroline Smith has shown how well she can rock on her own, but in this session, the backing of a full band brings a whole new dynamic to these songs. The group’s musicality shines, so much so that watching them play is just as enjoyable as the music itself. With an impressive debut EP in her back pocket and new music on the way, Your Smith only continues to excite us with this outstanding Buzzsession.


Andre Castiglioni
Geoff Hastings

Eric Weiner

Camera Operators
Matt Marino
Sam Reynolds

Engineer & Mixer

Post Supervisor
Mike Colao


Dara Bankole