Yoke Lore

Released on January 21, 2018

Yoke Lore

We could think of no better spot to showcase the immersive sound of Yoke Lore than Brooklyn Home of Music. Serving as a learning space to encourage building community around music, creatives come to perfect their craft with the support of fellow musicians and mentors. The lightness of Brooklyn Home of Music's layout complemented an airy, effervescent performance from Yoke Lore that we were delighted to document. 

The solo project of Adrian Galvin, formerly of Yellerkin, Yoke Lore's blend of romantic folk and bright pop elements is touched with celestial electronic tones that allow their music to simply rise. The all-encompassing sound he creates with scarce more than a banjo is reflective of the ethereal beauty he sings of in "Beige." In a call to continue the pursuit upward in face of discouragement, the heartening lyrics of "World Wings" make for a song emblematic of our generation's zeal and hope to do better.

If you are looking to hear more from Yoke Lore, his US tour is in full swing.


World Wings

Director & Producer
Eric Weiner

Camera Operators
Lorin Anderberg
Maverick Inman
Jayson Yee
Eric Weiner

Engineer & Mixer

Audio Assistants
Bernardo Ochoa
Kevin Villon

George Germano


Production Assistants
Nicole Rodriguez
Anna Garrison
Mike Kendall


Sarvani Ramcharran