Released on July 11, 2020


In this music video for “Start Again” by Woodlock, produced by The Wild Honey Pie, director/animator Andrew Colin Beck poignantly matches the track’s tone of uncertainty and cautious hope with his animation. The video employs Peter Max-inspired psychedelic designs with a muted color pallet, communicating both the song’s regard for the grand possibilities of life, as well as its grounding in the more melancholic truths of the present. Our protagonist is a fish creature with large human ears, and a remarkably sympathetic human face, who we meet at the moment of their hatching from an egg. Over the course of the song, our fishy friend teaches us about growth, change, and the necessity to push forward. We follow them as they swim through a surreal sea of flowers, sprout legs to continue their trek on foot, and are finally granted wings to fly among the celestials. The video ends exactly as it began, with an unhatched egg about to embark on its journey. These frames once again drive home the themes of rebirth and the difficult yet sublime unpredictability of life.

Start Again (Official Video)

Director and Animator
Andrew Colin Beck

Eric Weiner

Emerson Obus