Wilder Maker

Released on May 8, 2018

Wilder Maker

Wilder Maker is the songwriting project of multi-instrumentalist Gabriel Birnbaum, defined by its keen observations of places and relationships, its unique take on cosmic Americana and the band’s radiant energy when playing together. The Brooklyn-based outfit joined us to record versions of their songs “New Streets” and “Only Child” at the amazing Creamery Studios in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. These songs flourish with bandmates Katie Von Schleicher, Sean Mullins and Nick Jost, and getting these four in a room is nothing short of magic. 

Von Schleicher's vocals are hypnotic in delivering the beautifully specific storytelling of Birnbaum and their voices blend so seamlessly when they sing together. Wilder Maker create an experience that is both playful and grounding when they perform and we were so lucky to see it up close. Their outpouring of light and color was captured by Oliver Chiu, Eric Weiner and Modesta Zemgulyte.

Only Child

New Streets

Director & Editor
Oliver Chiu

Eric Weiner

Camera Operators
Oliver Chiu
Eric Weiner
Modesta Zemgulyte

Engineers & Mixers

Associate Producer
Connor Donahue

Production Coordinators
Modesta Zemgulyte
Deanna DiLandro
Hannah Maier-Katkin
Shane Dutta


Nicole Rodriguez