Wild Cub

Released on May 21, 2018

Wild Cub

Wild Cub is known for their infectious and slightly tropical dance-pop tunes. With grooves that pulsate and vocals that get right to the heart, these songs settle in a place between unbridled, youthful joy and the rising tension and confusion of love. The band joined us to record their songs “Thunder Clatter” and “Somewhere” at Playa Studios in Los Angeles. Though these are songs that we can’t help but move to, Wild Cub performed them while sitting comfortably on a living room sofa. This heightened the tension that is already present in the music, as we watched them sit calmly, playing songs that scream for movement.

These videos capture the special kind of bubbling before an eruption, with director Quinn Feldman cutting rhythmically to different members as they switched places but remained seated. In “Somewhere,” we watch the room become illuminated with gold light, and the band finally gets rid of the couch and onto the dance floor. Seeing Wild Cub perform in this way highlighted the real electricity and release that comes with getting up on your feet and moving to their sounds. 

Thunder Clatter


Director & Editor

Camera Operators
David Solorzano
Michelle Hernandez
Quinn Feldman

Engineer & Mixer

Sarah King
Eric Weiner

Associate Producers
Kristoffer Roggeman
Adam Harriman


Nicole Rodriguez