We the Commas

Released on August 5, 2020

We the Commas

To watch We the Commas perform is to bear witness to three musicians creating such a sense of natural ease. There’s no more obvious way to prove it than by hearing the Buzzsession version of their original track "Sherry." The performance is instantly charming, both the music and the atmosphere. There’s a comfort found in their home and it comes through in their performance. The band is made up of three brothers—Lenny, Jordy, and Cam—a genuine collaboration that shines in the chorus of their recent single. Three stunning voices, each distinct, finding a heartwarming balance. Verse two showcases their versatility as each of the three voices contribute in unique ways that manage to stand out and complement each other. All the while, we get a glimpse into their home life: cooking, skating, working out, enjoying their dogs. It paints the picture of a relaxing sun-filled morning, and "Sherry" is the perfect soundtrack.  Ditching the drums and strings from the recorded version, this rendition feels intimate. An invitation to step in and enjoy the morning with the band. There's a welcoming energy created by the song, an ode to a love just out of reach. 

For their cover, the band performs The Head and the Heart’s "Lost In My Mind." Such a sweet intro as their puppy Cosmo’s kisses gives way to Jordy and Cam—the two harmonize to create the perfect foundation, one that lets Lenny lead the way. It’s a faithful cover, one that seems to offer a glimpse into their inspiration. A moving story that considers life and love, it takes an inviting and familiar folk feel and elevates it with perfect harmonies and a standout lead vocalist. The band takes these fundamentals and brings them to life in their own Southern California beachy, laid back way. The chemistry is effortless and undeniable, a lifetime in the making as each brother fits so perfectly amongst the others. It’s a pleasure to listen to and a delight to watch.


Lost in My Mind (The Head and the Heart cover)

Rainer Turim

Eric Weiner

Tiana Hamamoto

Max Himelhoch