Released on March 10, 2015


Spring is quickly approaching and we can all feel it. From the thawing ice, to the emergent chirps from our feathered friends, there are signs that we have made it through another excruciating winter. Luckily, nature isn’t the only thing that’s giving us hope. Vacationer, helmed by former The Starting Line lead, Kenny Vasoli, is like warm Caribbean UV’s on our vitamin D deficient souls. The band’s distinct approach to tropical pop-rock transports the listener to a place of carefree vitality, and optimism for the good times ahead. May this band pepper your spring and summer playlists.

We caught up with Vacationer down in Austin at Cacophony Recorders and our friends at Pan Up Productions provided the crisp visuals.

Good As New

The Wild Life

Taylor Washington

Camera Operators
Emmett Kerr-Parkinson
Taylor Washington

Engineer & Mixer
Erik Wofford

Mastering Engineer
Rob Murray

Camera Assistants
Jack Lewandowski
Robert Ravenscroft

Alex Diamond
Jackson McGovern

Connor Pickens

Stephen Robinson

Executive Producers
Eric Weiner
Jon Lurie