Uni Ika Ai

Released on February 15, 2018

Uni Ika Ai

Brooklyn dream pop band Uni Ika Ai are known for their lush sonic textures, eclectic arrangements and their unique and off-kilter songwriting. The band consists of Maia Friedman, Peter Lalish from Lucius, Tom Deis from Via Audio and Dan Drohan who used to play drums in Wilsen, musicians who came together under a “desire for improvisation and experimentation.” We had the pleasure of being completely immersed in the psychedelic dream of their music, performed live at state of the art Creamery Studio in Greenpoint.

The performance contained elements of a classic indie-rock setup that turned into a melding of strange synths and pedals, carrying us away into a world only Uni Ika Ai have access to. There is truly nothing like listening to Friedman's melismatic voice croon and soar over these sounds, the band's presence in itself just radiating with light (and glitter). It was amazing to watch them get lost in their creation, and the spark of this performance was captured so beautifully by director Henry Busby. Enjoy these versions of “Soft In Ice” and “In This Life” from the band's 2016 debut, Keeping A Golden Bullseye in the Corner of my Mind.

In This Life

Soft In Ice



Camera Operators
Zach Grullon

Engineers & Mixers



Nicole Rodriguez

Production Assistant
Jake Cheriff