Released on July 9, 2018


It is no coincidence that Bushwick home studio, Brick by Brick, is where we chose to record Matt Davidson’s “Young God (Gotta Lotta Feeling)” and “Working On,” both songs about the artist’s spiritual reconstruction. After leaving the bluegrass group Spirit Family Reunion, Davidson began writing on his own, hoping to relieve the dark thoughts he felt distanced him from the group’s musical message. The result was the incredibly raw analog project Twain, which melds the mountain sounds of Davidson’s native Virginia with the New York folk traditions of the 60s. 

In “Young God (Gotta Lotta Feeling)” and “Working On,” Davidson sings over the slow bluegrass fingerpicking of his acoustic guitar about returning home, confronting his emotions and ultimately seeking self-healing. He kneels, as if in prayer, beside the raw brick wall of Brick by Brick as he plays, and soft-focused shots of his face capture his moments of exaltation. After years of living in claustrophobic New York, touring with a world-renowned band, Davidson needed to take a step back, and this Buzzsession feels like just that. Everything our director Mark D'Souza highlights, from Davidson’s long, grown-out locks and bare feet to the quiet Bushwick streets outside, seem to capture Davidson’s newfound humility and desire for the simple. Join us as we put the world on hold and share the fruits of Twain’s soul-searching.

Working On

Young God (Gotta Lotta Feeling)

Director & Editor

Eric Weiner

Camera Operators

Engineer & Mixer

Production Assistant
Laura Salaun


Haley Walker