Thin Lear

Released on May 5, 2020

Thin Lear

Musicians take us into their orbit. There’s something undeniably humanizing about watching artists operate in their own space. It adds a layer of humility to the work you come to love: a shy voice or a cool piece of art hanging in the backdrop. (Both are true in this case.) In this Buzzsession, Matt AKA Thin Lear welcomes us into his Queens, NY, apartment where he’s cooped up with his self-described quarantine partner and camerawoman. “The Wild Honey Pie asked me to come up with a few things I’m drawing hope from during this time, and one of those things is the amount of time I get to spend with my quarantine partner listening to music, really the music that shaped us…” 

She also happens to be the inspiration behind “Different Tune,” one of the original tracks Thin Lear performs for us here. “But if you ask me what we do, I fall in your arms,” he coos while strumming. His voice washes over you like a lullaby. It’s an honest portrait of a moment in time, punctuated by the content we lean into to make peace with the turbulence. For Thin Lear, that’s Nintendo, ukulele, records, cooking, and the comfort that comes from being alone together. For his cover track, Thin Lear performs a rendition of Donovan’s “To Sing For You,” bringing comfort from his home to yours. “That’s what I’m here to do, to sing for you…”

Different Tunes

To Sing for You (Donovan Cover)

Producer & Editor
Eric Weiner

Victoria Blair

Corinne Osnos