The Rare Occasions

Released on March 24, 2022

The Rare Occasions

We’re proud to share this live session video of The Rare Occasions performing their unforgettable earworm “Notion,” filmed at 4th Street Recording Studio in Santa Monica, CA. The LA-based band hails from New England, where the three band members—Brian McLaughlin (vocals/guitar), Luke Imbusch (drums), and Jeremy Cohen (bass)—first formed the group while in college. Their musical chemistry is undeniable and can be heard not only in the tight syncopation and tempo changes within the song here, but also their seemingly effortless and harmonious presence together in the studio. The warm wood tones of the studio itself complement the cool nature of the band’s sound, for a live video that is captivating visually as the song is sonically.

While “Notions” originally appeared on the group’s 2016 EP Futureproof, you will more likely recognize the undulating melody and McLaughlin’s nostalgic garage rock crooning from the song’s recent viral success on TikTok. The band has since been signed to Elektra Records, where they have just re-released “Notions” as a new single, giving the song new life in its full form. 


Director & Camera Operator

Camera Operator
Gabe Caswall

Eric Weiner
Austin Gomez

Associate Producer
Lucy Dunning

Engineer & Mixer
Alejandro Speranza

Assistant Sound Engineer
Robby Van Oss

Maya Bouvier-Lyons