The High Strung

Released on October 27, 2021

The High Strung

Our music video for The High Strung's "Cored Out Apple," directed and animated by Fred Griffiths alongside Rachel Deebank, finds a guitarist on a bike ride through the places that make up "the empty spaces in my head." A city asleep, barren deserts with decrepit trees are places where it is easiest to become aware of how alone you are in a moment, much like our protagonist, simply trudging through dreary and monotonous nights.

Upon physically entering a "Cored Out Apple," the space transforms into surrealist fantasy. Wastelands make way for a world of color, unlike the auroras you see on an acid trip; neon meteors, koi fish swimming through the sky and larger-than-life flowers breathe new life into our often-bleak world, signifying how much can change when we start to look at life from a new perspective. Griffiths and Deebank's weird and wonderous animations strike a fun contrast to the effortlessly cool gritty rock sensibility of The High Strung.

Director & Animator
Fred Griffiths

Rachel Deebank

Executive Producer
Eric Weiner

Co-Executive Producer
Lucy Dunning

Ysabella Monton