Tank and the Bangas

Released on January 7, 2018

Tank and the Bangas

From New Orleans all the way to Electric Lady Studios in Manhattan, Tank and the Bangas treated us with a Buzzsession we could not wait to share with you. Our obsession grew when Tank and the Bangas won the 2017 NPR Tiny Desk Contest. Their animated, impromptu style made each performance feel like a celebration. For this and so many other reasons, we were excited to shoot with them as the Pride Parade passed by the studio.   

Tarriona "Tank" Ball's unwavering energy kept her bandmates on our toes as they crafted unique takes for each of their songs, "Quick" and "Walmart," creating a sound so organic and unrehearsed, it makes their flawless execution a marvel. Saxophones sounding in the background, their Louisiana roots are highlighted with big band elements that add to the boldness of their quick-paced, soulful vocals. But their seamless fusion of powerful spoken word and incendiary hip-hop might be our favorite part of the Tank and the Bangas experience.



Director & DP
Emmett Kerr-Perkinson

Camera Operators
Emmett Kerr-Perkinson
Taylor Washington

Engineer & Mixer

Eric Weiner

Associate Producers
Iris Sofia
Lee Foster


First AC
Helen Cassell

Robert Ravenscroft


Sarvani Ramcharran