Steve Aoki

Released on August 6, 2018

Steve Aoki

We dipped our creative toe into mainstream electronic music by producing an official music video for Los Angeles EDM artist Steve Aoki featuring Deorro, MAKJ and Max Styler. Animated by our very own Brand Imhoff, the video for "Shakalaka" features a lucha libre style wrestling match between the song's collaborators. The Mariachi and Carribbean-inspired track provides an appropriate sonic battlefield for the three opponents with its foreboding bass and shuddering percussion.

Before the battle can commence, referee Steve Aoki fits Deorro, MAKJ and Max Styler with shapeshifting luchador masks which level the playing field by contorting the their bodies into different shapes and sizes. Derrero nearly demolishes the MAKJ and Max Styler team with his body-augmenting máscara, but is ultimately crushed by them once they switch into their powered up masks. The track is yet another demonstration of their ability to harness the sounds of varied cultures and translate them into danceable beats.





Haley Walker