St. Lucia

Released on April 7, 2022

St. Lucia

The cinematic space sounds we heard in “Rocket on my Feet” permeate this second single off of St. Lucia’s forthcoming EP Utopia I, and come to life in another original music video animated by graphic artist Lauren Haug. In the video for St. Lucia’s “Another Lifetime,” Haug takes us on a visual journey through multiple dimensions—each colorful and mesmerizing in its own right. What begins as a landscape view out of the window on a moving train becomes a landscape painting in a museum, and then the landscape itself. Then, before we know it, we’re in outer space, locking eyes and hands with a star-studded goddess, gliding through space and time to the rhythm of sparkly synths and a pervasive hypnotic beat. 

Each frame infused with colorful earthly, cosmic, and psychedelic elements, the music video—like the song—is somehow simultaneously both retro and futuristic, grounding and fantastical. Hypnotic from start to finish, Haug’s visuals conjure a feeling of awe at life itself, in this dimension and any others that might exist beyond it.

Another Lifetime

Director & Animator
Lauren Haug

Eric Weiner

Associate Producer
Lucy Dunning

Maya Bouvier-Lyons