Released on August 12, 2014


SKATERS' performances of "Judy is a Punk," "Band Breaker" and "Schemers" offered up a perfectly sharp contrast to the good "clean" fun of camp. They kept the energy high and the tye die psychedelic for their arts and crafts set.

Welcome Campers is a video series made possible by Squarespace that combines the nostalgia of summer camp with the thrill of a music festival. Our second season took the first year's free-spirited nostalgia a step further — to an actual summer camp in Massachusetts. With lakeside hangs, bunk camaraderie, mess hall cuisine and killer camp socials, Camp Lenox was the perfect backdrop to film performances by Great Good Fine OkSKATERSThe So So GlosYounger MeFreelance Whales and Yellerkin.

Join us for Welcome Campers this year! Food, unlimited alcohol, lodging and live music all included in the ticket price. 

Judy Is A Punk

Band Breaker


Stephen Tonti
Edward Greenberg

Joe Lumbroso
Ian Perlman

Camera Operators
Simon Waldock
Casey Stein
Joe Lumbroso
Minu Park
Kristina Cergol
Evan Cohen

Engineer & Mixer

Executive Producer
Eric Weiner

Jon Lurie

Harper James
Brian Trahan
Myles Rodenhouse
Luke Moellman

Audio Assistant
David Burgos

Mastering Engineer
Jake Rodenhouse

Assistant Director
Austin Pulliam

Production Designer
Marlena Mer
John Jalandoni
Katya Stepanova

Costume Designer
Laura Nitz

Drone Operator
Greg Madigan

Blake Horn

Alex Litke
Gabe Harden

Associate Producers
Joe Mischo
Marshall Kuresman
Camellia Hartman
Dan Gross
Eliana Rowe
Hannah Angst
Lauren McKinney
Lily Rothman

Production Coordinator
Elizabeth Cara
Courtney Dudley

Mike Carthy

Loe Lumbroso
Mike Carthy
Luke Norby
Eric Weiner
Jordan Olds
Riley Fields
Nick Noyes


Motion Graphics Designer