Satellite Mode

Released on May 29, 2020

Satellite Mode

The Wild Honey Pie is proud to present, through the magic of the Internet, a new Buzzsession from our friends Satellite Mode, an indie-pop duo from NYC with an endlessly danceable bent. Jess Carvo and Alex Marko overcame the difficulties of separation to bundle that dance-pop energy into video form and offering us a glimpse into their quarantine hobbies—reading coffee table books, attempting to exercise, attempting to garden, and cranking out tunes. “Click Now,” from their upcoming EP Robots vs Party Girls, takes the soundscape of the Stranger Things soundtrack but abandons the doom and gloom for pop sensibilities. They said of the process of making songs on the new EP, “Words and melodies kinda poured out in one or two-stream of consciousness takes on the mic,” and it’s easy to see that focus on spontaneity in Carvo’s vocal delivery. They also covered Modest Mouse’s ever-timely hit “Float On,” but through the energy they instill in the track, they don’t seem content to just float. They plan to thrive.

For this Buzzsession, Satellite Mode decided to partner with the non-profit Womankind. In the organization’s own words: “Womankind works with survivors of gender-based violence to rise above trauma and build a path to healing. We bring critical resources and deep cultural competency to help Asian communities find refuge, recovery, and renewal.” Feel free to donate to Womankind via our virtual tip jar.

Click Now

Float On (Modest Mouse cover)

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