Satellite Mode

Released on January 22, 2019

Satellite Mode

New York indie darlings Satellite Mode, have entered 2019 with a dazzling start. The group has grown exponentially from their early days recording in a bedroom studio and managing their own publishing. They continue this trend with their mark of independence, but in a new and more refined direction. We collaborated with them on their newest music video that accompanies their single "Kissing In Photographs." The video features the notably stylish animation of our very own visual artist Aishwarya Sadasivan.

Sadasivan's trademark visuals work hand-in-hand in elevating the songwriting while giving the video a distinguished voice separate from the song. The atmosphere of “Kissing In Photographs," the haunting vocals and the mechanical sounding instrumental all work in tandem towards a singular identity for this dynamic video.

Kissing In Photographs

Director & Animator

Eric Weiner