Salt Cathedral

Released on May 15, 2023

Salt Cathedral

When we launched the Dinner Party concert series in 2017, we intentionally left video cameras out of the experience. For starters, we couldn’t afford a video crew, but we also wanted to be careful about impeding on the gust experience. This April, however, we tested out a new format for the first time, and are thrilled to share with you our first ever live performance videos from this glorious food and music series.

On April 25, we welcomed Salt Cathedral to Top Quality LIC for their fourth Dinner Party with us. We’ve been collaborating with this band for ages and couldn’t think of a better artist to launch the video series with. Dive right in for a showcase of music and food, made possible with support from Topo Chico and Mezcal Rosaluna

Strong Emotion


Sara Laufer

Camera Operators
Sara Laufer
Jacob Gonzalez

Jake Cheriff

Eric Weiner

Associate Producer
Lucy Dunning