Roses & Revolutions

Released on September 9, 2021

Roses & Revolutions

Content warning: Depression

Our music video for Roses & Revolutions' "Lower Than Low," directed and animated by Nikita Biswas, tells the all-too-familiar story of going through the motions while in a depressive state. Whether you became acquainted with them in quarantine or you've endured them your whole life, mental health challenges are an uphill battle. You might find yourself drowning in the same purple hues as the video's protagonist, asking the same question: "What do you do when you're lower than low?" It can look like this video: lost hours spent staring at the ceiling, struggling to get comfortable on your couch and your room or apartment becoming a reflection of your mental state. 

But the video shows the small victories we deserve to celebrate as well: acts of self-care like a face mask or cooking a meal, a kind sunset, the comfort of a pet. Our protagonist doesn't quite find a lasting solution for her problems, but getting out of bed can always be enough. With this track, Roses & Revolutions have taken a step towards normalizing these feelings, reminding us all that we're never going through anything alone. 

Director & Animator
Nikita Biswas

Executive Producer
Eric Weiner

Co-Executive Producer
Lucy Dunning

Ysabella Monton