Rose Windows

Released on December 2, 2014

Rose Windows

We're in full-on psych rock mode here at The Wild Honey Pie. In this Buzzsession, Rose Windows gives us just what we need. "Fix Me Another One," with lyrics like Jimi Hendrix and a voice just like Grace Slick in her early days with Jefferson Airplane, begins with a smooth, dosed feel, but don’t be surprised when this six-piece rock band opens up the valves. “There Is a Light” carries more of their alt-rock sound, but in no way lacks complexity. This session was filmed at one of our all-time favorite studios in Brooklyn, Douglass Recording, owned and operated by the brilliant Myles Rodenhouse.

There Is a Light

Fix Me Another One

Camera Operators
Minu Park
Dylan Endyke
Alex Litke
Gabe Harden

Travis Bleen

Engineer & Mixer
Myles Rodenhouse

Mastering Engineer
Jake Rodenhouse

Executive Producers
Eric Weiner
Jon Lurie