Released on August 20, 2018


This Buzzsession shot at the home studio Hotel London in Los Angeles gives a glimpse into the psyche of songwriter Riah. The Los Angeles native and lucid dreamer writes hauntingly personal songs, some inspired by her self-described night terrors, about love and insecurities. These fresh takes on “Over” and “Prom” capture her warm, resonant voice in its raw and unadulterated state, inviting the listener into the intimate space of her unconscious.

For an artist who shares little about herself on social media, not even her real name, Riah discloses quite a lot in these songs. In “Prom,” she references a recurrent nightmare in which she, a former homeschooler, is trapped alone at the prom she never attended, forced to relive memories of an ex. Revelatory as “Prom” is, “Over” is the more bitingly self-critical of the songs. Dimly lit in front of a sequin curtain, Riah sings, “I am impossible to love.” Not only does she capture that feeling of heartsick defeat one gets when yet another relationship fails, she also does so in an impossibly fragile and euphonic timbre. The line takes an ironic tone in this Buzzsession, because it’s hard to imagine anyone could hear those goosebump-inducing notes and not fall in love.

Doug Roland
Lee Peterkin

Eric Weiner

Camera Operators
Doug Roland
Lee Peterkin

Engineer & Mixer
Yianni Anastos-Prastacos

Production Crew
Anna Dale-Meunier
Django Palty

Elisa Caroli

Haley Walker