Quinn Sullivan

Released on April 30, 2021

Quinn Sullivan

Our new music video for Quinn Sullivan's new single "How Many Tears" is a luscious art display that can make you feel everything. As dancer Matilda Sakamoto beautifully performs across a library filled with cold daylight, Sullivan sings about wanting to reach a heart that's been broken way too many times. It's with striking tension that singer and dancer never look at each other and never touch, while the former sings "I just wanna love you / Love you right / I just wanna hold you / Hold you tight." The closer they get to reaching each other, the more it looks like they're in other dimensions. The powerful performance is enhanced by Sullivan's style—a mix of classic rock and blues that make him a young legend. Watch the music video for "How Many Tears" to be positively crushed and captivated.

Trevor Banks

Director of Photography
Riley Dengler

Executive Producer
Eric Weiner

Co-executive Producer
Lucy Dunning

Giulia Santana