Post Precious

Released on November 20, 2018

Post Precious

Filmed at the gorgeous home studio of Charli XCX in Los Angeles, our Buzzsession with Post Precious is both alluring and aesthetically pleasing. This fresh new duo is made up of music veterans, Alex Winston and Max Hershenow of MS MR. Together they provide summery indie-pop music that showcases their individual talents collectively. With the stylish XCX Studio providing an open and airy backdrop, this Post Precious Buzzsession directed by Tim Toda is full of bright and lush Los Angeles vibes.

Bare-footed and free, the duo perform two songs off of their debut EP Crown. In a stripped down version of "Crown" we hear the essence of the song and see just how well these two compliment each other musically. The piano ebbs and flows as Hershesnow gently arpeggiates chords contrasting Winston's powerhouse vocals. In "Lose Myself" there is push and pull that tenderly takes us through the track and as Winston sings, everything is left out on the table. Together the aura of this gorgeous HGTV-quality home studio and the impeccable musicianship of Post Precious complete this Los Angeles Buzzsession. 

Tim Toda

Camera Operators
Matt Benton
Tim Toda

Yianni Anastos-Prastacos

Max Hershenow

Eric Weiner

Associate Producer
Kelli Fannon


Dara Bankole