Pearl and the Beard

Released on October 9, 2013

Pearl and the Beard

Before filming their episode, Pearl and the Beard helped us make lunch for all the campers — some delicious corndogs from Jack's Chedbred. With their stomachs full, everyone settled down to embrace and enjoy the delicious pop gems from the band, each song boasting miraculous harmonies and unique instrumentation.

Welcome Campers is a video series made possible by Squarespace that combines the nostalgia of summer camp with the thrill of a music festival. Our inaugural season found an intrepid video crew and some enthusiastic guests in Westchester, New York for an afternoon of arts and crafts, lake hangs, and performances by WidowspeakPearl and the BeardVensaireYellow OstrichCaveman and Belle Mare.

Join us for Welcome Campers this year! Food, unlimited alcohol, lodging and live music all included in the ticket price. 


Take Me Over

Devil's Head Down

Director & Editor
Daniel Guillaro

Eric Weiner

Associate Producer
Jono Bernstein

Camera Operators
Ashley Maas
Cody Swanson
Daniel Guillaro
Gabe Stanley
Ian Perlman
Jono Berstein
Amaya Mendizabal
Mike Bradford
Sean Stout
Adam Richlin
Edward Greenberg
Stephen Tonti

Production Assistants
Lauren McKinney
Hannah Angst
Sarah Heinemann
Camellia Hartman
Eliana Rowe
Ella Zoller
Scott Thomas
Deejay Forte
Charity Painter
Jaquy Yngvason
Josh Greenfield
Michael Weiner