Released on August 1, 2020


Pan!ck’s debut release, "Need U" is a home run of a debut. This is a celebration of disco-funk-dance-electronica that draws us in immediately, with a beat that won’t quit, a punchy bassline, and powerful vocals holding court above it all. The duo’s choice of a video is perfect—a fun-loving psychedelic aesthetic that turns the traditional comic book hero narrative on its head. The heroine of the video is just a regular woman—that is, until she hears a call for help. She quickly changes into a superhero and flies off on her giant bird to save trees from deforestation, cows from the meat industry, a forest from an oil spill and a girl from a bad relationship, in that order. The symbolism of her giant bee sidekick, in a time when bees have been in danger of extinction as a result of big agriculture, is not lost on us. Pan!ck has cleverly created an alternative world—one where love is love and nature is above all—and we can't wait to dance into the future with them.

Need U

Director and Producer
Daniel Chonillo

Writer of story and Producer
Eric Weiner

Mikhal Weiner