Other Lives

Released on February 7, 2016

Other Lives

When you’re listening to gorgeous, harmony-filled songs, it’s easy to get lost in the music. Now imagine getting so lost in the music that you are taken back to the source, sitting and listening inside the studio where the band is laying down the parts. In our latest collaboration with Sonos, we do just that. Watch Other Lives as they record “No Trouble” and “Untitled” from Dream Center Studios in Los Angeles for a behind the scenes, unplugged look at how the band captures their magic.

No Trouble/Untitled

Alex Familian

Camera Operators
Powell Robinson
Alex Familian
Miles Meyer

Engineer & Mixer
Evan Bradford

Erin Newman

Executive Producers
Eric Weiner
Jon Lurie
Dan Gross
Lauren McKinney
Lily Rothman

Powell Robinson

Anna Zlokovic