Opus Vitae

Released on July 6, 2020

Opus Vitae

Our newest Buzzsession with Opus Vitae takes us to Malibu, where we are graced with a cover of hope’s famed anthem, “Here Comes The Sun.” Banah Winn sets up on the side of Pacific Coast Highway, overlooking the ocean with just a microphone and a guitar. There is a thoughtful simplicity to Winn’s delivery––it’s a bare-bones performance with every note falling gracefully into place. The wind adds an extra level of instrumentation, creating a certain type of reciprocity between music being made in nature and nature making its very own music. 

Opus Vitae literally means “life’s work,” which is the perfect concept to reiterate in the quest for enlightenment and self-discovery that George Harrison himself was drawn towards. As we peer through a dense fog of uncertainty, loss and injustice, creative work will remain the driving force in educating the public and creating a new level of understanding. Winn smiles brightly under the shade of his hat as the video closes, a reminder that the sun eventually comes again, even if winter is seemingly perpetual.

This Buzzsession also features “Carry The Weight,” a song that strays from Winn’s more optimistic cover. He belts out the emotionally charged line “love isn’t perfect, you know” in-between shots of Malibu canyon roads and crashing waves. "Carry The Weight" still contains a similar message of hope, but one that cannot come to fruition without actively uncovering past anger and resentment regarding injustices. If you have enjoyed this performance from Opus Vitae, please consider donating to our nonprofit of choice, The NAACP's Legal Defense and Educational Fund.

Here Comes The Sun (The Beatles cover)

Carry The Weight

Steven Berkenkemper

Eric Weiner

Tiana Hamamoto

Elizabeth Shaffer