Nico Losada

Released on February 15, 2023

Nico Losada

Long time collaborator, Nico Losada of Salt Cathedral, joins us for a ten-part series of sonic visualizers that continue his legacy of soul-permeating, electronic compositions. His solo project features clean, haunting mixes and warm melodies that turn the listener's focus toward love's awakening power. Traditional rhythms that speak to his early, Native-Columbian root incite a blissful journey. Each video demonstrates a slice of life worth savoring. Losada's duo, Salt Cathedral, was a musical guest at Welcome Campers in 2018 and has since joined The Wild Honey Pie for three dinner party performances. All videos animated and directed by our very own Lauren Haug.


Vistas Panorámicas

La Monita

Waking Love

Past Life

Director & Animator
Lauren Haug

Eric Weiner
Lucy Dunning

Daphne Ellis