Never Shout Never

Released on February 15, 2016

Never Shout Never

Ah Never Shout Never, the hippie heartthrob of the emo generation. There's no denying the pure elation one can feel when hearing Christofer Drew singing the words "sunshine's my sky," especially when brought back to memories of "Happy" and "Big City Dreams." Our very own Taylor Washington directed this one; a backyard scene of frozen people who slowly become unfrozen as the "Red Balloon" in the song gets released from its string, its worries and the weight of the world. 

Red Balloon

Taylor Washington

Cory Runyeon
Taylor Washington

Executive Producer
Jon Lurie

Production Manager
Brittany Reeber

First Assistant Director
Dax Stringer

Second Assistant Director
Emmett Kerr-Perkinson

Jeff Ray

First Assistant Camera
Marshall Copous

Second Assistant Camera
Taylor Camarot

Cory Runyeon

Sound Design
Curtis Henderson

Production Designer
Robert Christian

Prop Master
Thomas Velle

Set Decorator
Stephen Willowby

Hair & Makeup
Jessie Maranda

Dolly Grip
Anil Gonnabathula

Key Grip
Alex Diamond

Mariana Gonzalez
Jack Langlois
Ross Clark
Ryan Sax
John Jackson