Mood Rings

Released on September 30, 2013

Mood Rings

With Lucius getting busier and busier these days and their album coming out in two weeks, we haven't been able to record as many episodes of Honey I'm Home as we once did. When we do get a chance to get together and welcome a band into their cozy home studio in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, we make sure it is a band that really fits the series and Georgia group Mood Rings is exactly that. Their beautifully creepy renditions of "Charles Mansion" and "Rubies, Gems, Jewels, and Diamonds" were recorded with a grace rarely seen, and a looseness that feels perfect on a chilly autumn day.

Charles Mansion

Rubies, Gems, Jewels, and Diamonds

Camera Operators
Eric Weiner
Jono Bernstein

Derek Goulet

Eric Weiner

Associate Producer
Jess Wolfe

Engineer & Mixer
Dan Molad