Released on December 5, 2022


The music video for Mokita's “Figure Me Out” reveals life as a cinematic metamorphosis. In thematic tune with the rest of their 2022 EP, Color Me In, director and animator, Efe Karadagli, invites us to enter a rolling grayscale universe with the counsel of a butterfly companion. Nodding optimistically to film noir, the animation works subtly and slowly through a transition from night to day. Karadagli hopes that his audience will question whether the butterfly is moving towards the house, or the house if moving towards the butterfly. Figuring oneself out, through many seasons of change, incites the feeling of going home.

While following the path, we watch the speaker's love story on a film reel in the sky. True to the adage of having a head "up in the clouds," this is so the way it feels to be a person in and out of presence because of grief. Ideally, we are able to enjoy the landscape of life, but concepts of the mind are often what we're tuning into. Mokita's voice is rich and at the front of the dreamy mix, evoking the independence found during isolated times. The butterfly is hopeful, representing the body that keeps us moving forward, in and out of saturated experiences.

Figure Me Out

Director & Animator
Gabriela Sibilska

Executive Producer
Eric Weiner
Lucy Dunning

Daphne Ellis