Released on July 21, 2020


Performing this Buzzsession from her Los Angeles apartment is MILCK. You may not know Connie K. Lim’s name (yet), but you’ve likely heard her song “Quiet,” which has been dubbed one of the unofficial anthems of the #MeToo movement. MILCK’s live performance of the song at the 2017 Women’s March catapulted her silken voice to a mainstream audience. Recording her original song “Ready” for The Wild Honey Pie, MILCK pens the lyrics in front of a poster that reads “You’re not alone.” Every line has depth, and MILCK delivers each word with feeling. “Normally I’m aloof, like Antarctica cool / Now I’m making the moves, do you see what you’ve done” we see MILCK underscore the “A” with three lines for emphasis. This song is a display of vulnerability, with its straightforward lyrics and ballad style. She signs off by writing “I’m ready” with three ellipses, indicating the ball is now in our court. For her cover song, MILCK performs “Higher Love,” the Steve Winwood 1968 original that’s been covered by the likes of Kygo and James Vincent McMorrow. MILCK’s version is stripped-down, letting the lyrics speak for themselves...“Worlds are turning and we're just hanging on.”

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Higher Love (cover)

Rainer Turim

Eric Weiner

Tiana Hamamoto

Corinne Osnos