Matt Sucich

Released on March 9, 2015

Matt Sucich

Emerging singer-songwriter Matt Sucich is a man of warmly-textured melodies and carefully crafted ballads. His skillful lyricism is ushered forth by a blanket of sound that features the clanging guitars of early country-influenced rock (think The Byrds). Sucich's compositions are elevated by skillful piano accompaniment and throaty bass lines. Sucich and his band met up with us one brisk fall day at the storied Electric Lady Studios in Greenwich Village, New York. Lead audio engineer Phil Joly did the honor of recording and mastering these beautiful renditions of “Sentimental & Fearless” and “Mirages.”


Sentimental and Fearless

Camera Operators
Pete O'Hare
Christian McLaren

Engineer & Mixer
Phil Joly

Stephen Robinson

Executive Producers
Eric Weiner
Jon Lurie

Christian McLaren