L.A. Edwards

Released on October 14, 2019

L.A. Edwards

Americana outfit, L.A. Edwards, joined us at Revival at the Complex in Los Angeles to record a Buzzsession for “The Crow” and their cover of Townes Van Zandt track, "Loretta.The band stepped into the studio and effortlessly turned the space into the Appalachians with their warm, familiar style.

In "The Crow," their frontman leads the charge with a spirited harmonica backed by a full sound that is both intimate and enormous. The song stays grounded in smooth, rich vocals and an arrangement of acoustic and electric guitars, bass and drums fill in the spaces with texture and alt-country color. The band plays with alluring ease as they stand cool and relaxed within the rustic, wood-paneled walls of the studio. The group is unflappable but their sound is dynamic and the energy they bring to the room is visible on screen. The music pulls back around the refrain as he sings, “I feel safe in your arms, in a night oh-so-dark” and then swells again into a moving ballad that you won’t know whether to dance or cry to.

The band proves they are capable of bringing this signature style to any song by giving a rock edge to the Townes Van Zandt folksy number, "Loretta." They swap out the sweet molasses melody for electric guitar and charismatic harmonies to elevate the tune to a bluegrassy anthem. Although the group is based in Los Angeles, their music holds an intimacy with sprawling fields, mountain ranges and cross-country highways.

Aided by the direction of Tim Toda and generous helpings of the delicious and completely vegan Bitchin' Sauce the band created an immersive and stirring musical experience. Their Buzzsession manages to capture the feeling of a live performance on camera and is one that will stick with you for a long while.

Loretta (Townes Van Zandt Cover)

Director & Editor

Eric Weiner

Associate Producer
Harrison Edwards

Camera Operators
Matt Benton

Engineer & Mixer

Brigid Moser