Kayla Silverman

Released on March 1, 2024

Kayla Silverman

The music video for Kayla Silverman's "Starting Over", animated by Lauren Haug, brings us along for a journey of transformation. In Silverman's interview with Mustard she tells us more about the song.

"Starting Over is an anthem for change, self betterment and getting out of your comfort zone. I wrote this song when I was chasing after the wrong things and the wrong people. It is funny because I wrote this song about a boy who told me that he sometimes goes with his friends to a specific park to get high. After hearing that, I changed my running route to pass by that park in hopes that he would be there with his friends. I realized that I was physically running after someone and that this was not sustainable. This song became a benchmark in my life to never ever let someone have that effect on me."

Starting Over

Songwriter and Vocals
Kayla Silverman

Daniel Sivachenko

Dean Gray

Lauren Haug

Video Producer and Creative Director
Eric Weiner

Associate Video Producer
Lucy Dunning