Kat Cunning

Released on September 24, 2018

Kat Cunning

Filmed at Vinegar Hill Sound in DUMBO, Brooklyn our Buzzsession with the graceful yet tenacious Kat Cunning reflects the illuminating light within the artist herself. As a multi-talented singer-songwriter, actor, dancer extraordinaire, Cunning is not one to conceal any part of her gifts; when you see Kat Cunning, you get it all. With the sexy "Stay on the Line" we see Kat give us a sultry performance highlighting the essence of the song. Her voice breaks through both captivating and ethereal and as she performs there is a connection throughout her whole being. Appearing in a pink tutti and literally carrying light within her hands, Cunning engages all of our senses. As a queer woman who fully embraces her sexuality in her music, “Stay on the Line” showcases exactly the kind of artist she is.

On “Make U Say,” Cunning shows a slightly different side of her. As her soft but laser-focused vocals fill the airwaves we are pulled in like a moth finding the light. Director Brenna Perez masterfully captures the complexities of this performance giving us a new kind of intimate. Holding us in the palms of her glowing hands, Cunning is well-aware of the power she holds within her. Still her playful personality reveals that the vastness of her persona. We are beyond proud to present to you this Buzzsession featuring the one and the only Kat Cunning.


Eric Weiner

Camera Operators

Engineer & Mixer
Reed Black

Emma Juliet Taubner

Production Coordinator
Marki Yaccino

Production Assistant
Kathryn Brooks

Dara Bankole