Julia Jacklin

Released on February 19, 2018

Julia Jacklin

For our Buzzsession with Sydney, Australia based Julia Jacklin, we chose to shoot at an Airbnb in Williamsburg washed in pastel elements that mirrored the softness of her bittersweet, dreamy style. Here she performs a delicate rendition of "Pool Party," a melancholy ballad that both pledges devotion to and pleads for it from an unidentified, drifting away loved one. Jacklin and a single guitar were all that was needed for a session so powerful and consuming.

"Pool Party" is a gift to us from Jacklin's 2016 album "Don't Let the Kids Win," whose release has continued to propel her career in folk and indie pop forward. The narratives in her songwriting evoke the uneasiness one can only know from being totally emotionally honest with someone, but listeners are still swaddled in the comfort of her warm, rich vocals. Tinged with a weary twang reminscent of Joni Mitchell or Johnny Cash, it's that raw feeling wrapped up in the opalescent harmony between her and her guitar that make this an awe inspiring session.

Pool Party


Director & Producer
Eric Weiner

Tara Sheffer

Camera Operators
Oliver Chiu
Eric Weiner

Engineer & Mixer

Production Assistants
Kayla Sossin
Becky Friedman

Special Thanks To
Theodore Babin


Sarvani Ramcharran