Jukebox The Ghost

Released on February 20, 2018

Jukebox The Ghost

We could not wait to work with our friends Jukebox The Ghost on a music video that was as animated and buoyant as their new single “Everybody’s Lonely.” Filmed at Bravo Studios in Manhattan, our director Taylor Washington collaborated with the band members to integrate a crescendo of fluorescent colors that mirrors the art of their upcoming album Off To The Races into the video. Washington also wanted to have the band experience a challenging but fun shoot with different props tossed at them, and we can verify that we had a blast.

The seemingly candy-coated set and cheery tune actually juxtapose the deeper pondering of “Everybody’s Lonely,” which entertains that the despairing, disconnected trends in music and media are ultimately fueled by loneliness. The encouraging vocals and bright piano are enough to energize even the most jaded of listeners. When the troop of dancers brilliantly organized by Nicole Von Arx abandons their phones, we see the cast come alive in the positivity and community Jukebox The Ghost inspires with this song.

Executive Producer
Eric Weiner

Robert Ravenscroft

DP & Editor
Emmett Kerr-Perkinson

Nicole Von Arx

B-Cam Operator
Danny April

Selina Hack
Michael Greenberg
Claude Johnson
AJ Parr

Associate Producer
Kayce Sebree

Robbie Mack

Production Designer
Amber Unkle

Art Director
Sophie Parens

1st AC
Hannah Whisenant

2nd AC
Kaili Corcoran

Jack McLoughlin

Production Assistants
Grace Eire
Alexa Teed
Kathryn Brooks
Lauren Musso
Brett Myers

Sarvani Ramcharran