Jukebox the Ghost

Released on October 27, 2014

Jukebox the Ghost

Jukebox the Ghost have always had a knack for producing highly theatrical tunes, and we put their musical and acting chops to the test with their Spooky Mansion episode. With their upbeat riffs and bouncing vocals dancing across our ears, some might say they were…crazy good.

We here at The Wild Honey Pie love Halloween! The costumes, the mystery, the celebration, the candy. To celebrate our favorite holiday, we decked out a mansion in the Upper East Side of NYC and brought some of our favorite bands to take part in our spooky exploits. We hope you enjoy Spooky Mansion, a multi-episode video series featuring Jukebox the Ghost, Rubblebucket, Yellerkin and PROM.

Made For Ending

The Great Unknown

Joe Lumbroso

John Hudak

Assistant Director
Kate Branom

2nd Assistant Director
Pat Malave

Camera Operators
Dylan Endyke
Minu Park
Travis Bleen

Brian Trahan
Myles Rodenhouse
Felix Toro

Brian Trahan
Myles Rodenhouse
Gianluca Buccellati

Mastering Engineer
Rob Murray

Sound Designer
Brian Trahan

Executive Producer
Eric Weiner

Jon Lurie

Motion Graphics Designer


CJ Cook

Line Producer
Joe Mischo

Luke Norby
Joe Lumbroso
Eric Weiner

Digital Imaging
Luke Norby

Grip & Electric
Zev Vel
Justin Hall
Jayson Yee
Connor Reid

Associate Producers
Alex Litke
Dan Gross
Lauren McKinney
Lily Reszi Rothman

Matthew Rosenblum

Production Designers
Katya Stepanova
Marlena Pavich
Riley Teahan

Hair & Makeup
JD Kramer

Production Assistants
Raphael Gibbs
Travis Rainey
Eliza Jordan